Costing is logic with smart work

I’ve worked with many people and created estimations for their projects I’ve also worked with people to evaluate the quote, it’s not required to have quote minimum but what matters is understanding of person who have provided the quote. Before evaluating any quote we should analyse the efforts required to get our output. Always we misconceptualized our requirements and just look for least cost developer. My observation is such project either fail in between as developer’s understanding of requirements is way different than what is imagined, where as developers with moderate quote have put there efforts and experience in understanding requirements and compiled some range of cost. In IT projects cost can’t be predict exactly at the initial phase but it can be assumed in some range.


We should make some budget before asking for quote, I’ve met few developers before who gave me nice quote with basic analysis/breakdown of functionalities, this gives me confidence of their understanding. I usually go with developers who understands my requirements closely rather than working with someone who gives me less cost.


How do I identify vendor:

  1. If you have worked with them before and they have delivered you output
  2. If developer is not one individual but there is a team
  3. If team has delivered projects before
  4. If you can communicate your thoughts with team
  5. If they give you ideas to make your idea better and easier